One-man Biblical Performances by Award winning Bible Actor
Mac McConnell 

As of Jan 1st, 2014, is operating on faith and offering many performances at zero cost to churches and many organizations plus travel expense as necessary according to Acts 3:6 - "Simon Peter said, "Silver or gold I have none, but what I have I freely give.'"

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    Bible Actor Mac McConnell joins Christian actors with church dramas for outreach and evangelism. Many people ask, "Have you always been into theater or drama like other Christian actors, Mac?" My answer is "No, it was a fluke." But, after 21 years, over 900 performances, in 7 countries to some half a million folks it must be a little more than a fluke! 

    I surely credit the Fort Lauderdale Christmas Pageant with the true beginnings of this undeniable desire to present Biblical truths through drama. However, in 1990 Leadership Broward Seven gave my first "acting" debut. It was just a skit, but it must have been a hit, at least with me. I got the bug and it was infectious and the next year I understudy for narrator of the Fort Lauderdale Christmas Pageant. But, of all Christian actors must credit Frank Runyeon with the pivotal moment in my fledgling pursuit. Frank Runyeon left a big time Hollywood soap star career to present The Gospel of Mark across the US with rave reviews. He spent just a couple of hours with me, but oh-mi-gosh what an impact.

    What About You?, Inc.One Way Productions) was born. In little more than a hobby at first, now a full time ministryr expanded to a series of historical novels on the order of Jerry Jenkins, Gene Edwards, Charles Swindol, Anne Rice, and Sigmund Brower.

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